by Robert Wegner


Fever dreams

If They Ask Tell Them We’re Dead are hitting the road again soon and being the in-house illustrator I made a flyer for the tour. I had some serious fever dreams this weekend due to well some high fever and that might have effected the choise of direction on the artwork . Working while sick sucks but sometimes turns out really good. If you live in Germany and like indie/noise/post-rock check it out!

Flyerhead itattwd

Current music: Killers Walk Among Us – Bonjour Tristesse/Denial Is Just Not A River


I’ve always been a huge fan of details and I often find myself lost in clusters of lines and dots. I like that, but I recently decided to try to find a balance between my world of extreme detailing and the less is more world. The reason being simply to try new stuff and maybe learn to see when to use the extreme and when it’s enough with a minimalistic approach. Directly after that decision I made this:


Current music: The Body – Master, We Perish

We Were Wrong, Right?

Finally I can show you this. It’s the cover for indie rockers Golden Kanine’s third album We Were Wrong, Right? I had some serious  moments of meditative clarity while drawing them leafs, and also some moments of agonizing pain in my right hand and arm. But it was totally with it. It came out really good and I am looking forward to hearing the record in it’s entirety. I still have som stuff I can’t show off yet but stay updated by coming back, soon.

Golden Kanine WWWR Purple WEB

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It’s been one of the best summers I’ve experienced weather-wise in Sweden this year. I’ve spent most of it working though, which is fine because I love working. Of course there have been the occasional beer pause and lots of skate sessions crammed in between work but still lots of working. I have some nice stuff coming up that I can’t show off yet but it the meantime here’s a small hand study I did during the spring.

Hand Stigmata

Current music: The National – Trouble Will Find Me

Vertigo Poster

I made a poster to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo as a part of an application to a Graphic Design School during the spring where I took it upon me to do some portraits. I did a lot of them when I used to draw stuff in high school but for some reason stopped completely, probably because I found other stuff I got more excited about to draw. Anyway, long time no see drawing faces. And it turned out great. I hope you like it. (Note that this poster is not an official poster and it will not be printed)

Novak 1

Novak 2

Novak 3


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A couple of months ago I received this picture showing one of my illustrations (the mechanical squirrel from the If They Ask Tell Them We’re Dead EP) in form of a tattoo. This is some surreal news having your work immortalized. Awesome stuff. I’ve had people ask me to draw them tattoos many times but I always say no because I think tattoo artist are way better at drawing tattoos, but this is something new. So if you feel like immortalizing anything I’ve done with a tattoo, go right ahead and please send me a picture of the result. I’m honored and also eagerly awaiting the next time something like this happens.


Current music: Hunt – Ashes Of A Secret Heart


Earlier this year we released our debut album with one of the musical projects I’m in (If They Ask Tell Them We’re Dead) I made the illustration and design for our first round of merch and it arrived today. I think it turned out really good. I hope you like it.


Current Music: Shadow Shadow – Riviera



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